Process Safety Management Software

ePSM takes the guess work out of the OSHA Process Safety Management and the EPA Risk Management regulations.

Electronic Compliance Alarms

Digitize recordkeeping and automate compliance alarms for every element required by OSHA PSM.

Site Portfolio Monitoring

Automatically notify every site you're managing and leave no facility unnoticed.

Your PSM Platform

ePSM is an online service and maintenance application for Process Safety Information, Compliance Audits, Incident Investigation, Management of change, Employee Training, Emergency Planning, Contractor Safety and more.


ePSM is an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.


ePSM is web-based, on the cloud, and designed to be used by anyone.


Free In-House Tech Support

Our support team is standing by to assist with your PSM program.

Your PSM Partner

ePSM is your partner in ensuring compliance.

Action Items

Allows for continuous improvement through corrective and preventive actions. Assign action items to users and track their progress

API Integration

ePSM’s JSON API allows for other software to interface with platform, minimizing duplication along with endless integration possibilities. Accessibility and documentation available upon request

Automated Inspections

Automated paperless inspections, allows you to complete your inspections, audits, or other forms on any mobile device, wherever you need to be.


Ability to incorporate signatures within forms as an easy solution for additional verification

Elaborate Task Engine

Expand upon your configurable PSM program by building out additional program sections and tasks. Configure alarm and notification system for further control over you system

Equipment Management

Keeps track of all aspects of your equipment with ease. Schedule maintenance to be performed on your equipment and track the results overtime

Incident Investigations

Investigate safety, quality, and compliance incidents to understand, track, and communicate risk.

Line Breaks

Capture and record line breaks for future references, while keeping track of ammonia and other allocations.

Language Translations

Nine different languages including English

Management of Change

Smooth completions of a Management of change have never been simpler.

Manage User Trainings

Track and manage ongoing training requirements for employees

Oil Inventory Management

Keep track of all the oil going in and out of your system overtime.

PHA Reports

Easily record Process Hazard Analysis reports in your system and track their recommendations and findings. Track initial, revalidation and expansions reports.


Multiple reports to help administration schedule and plan out future maintenance and training across company and sites.

Setup Wizard

Easily import all of your equipment and assets into your PSM program

User Management

Create and edit users with ease. Easy user management system which allows from granular permission control

Discover Great Features

ePSM offers quick deployment, user friendly solutions which allows effortless compliance with OSHA's- Process Safety management Program and EPA’s- Risk Management.

Rapidly Deploy PSM Software

ePSM is web-based compliance software that will help you comply with OSHA's- Process Safety Management and EPA's- Risk Management.

Our PSM technicians will assist you in developing your PSM and RMP programs as well as train you in how to use our unique software applications.

Digitizing your PSM and RMP documents will make it quick and easy to comply with all OSHA and EPA regulations.

As OSHA and EPA change or update their regulations, our software changes too - making it very simple to comply with regulation changes.

Don't let your PSM team struggle; get set up with ePSM today!

Learn more

Process Safety Analytics to Ensure Compliance

Get rid of filing cabinets and other unnecessary paperwork. With ePSM you can add pictures, documentation, information on how to troubleshoot problems and more.

Picture/Documents Storage

ePSM logs pictures, estimated completion times, actual completion times, and an ability to reference SOPs to properly complete the task at hand


Report Generation

ePSM utilizes stored data to generate a breadth of reports to help managers maintain maximum efficiency within their facility

Inspections & Documentation

Creating Inspections

Creating and managing PSM and RMP programs has never been more simplistic. Wide variety of customizable inspections for your every need!

dashboard View and Edit Previous Inspection

Select date for pre-made reoccuring automated inspection

Date, time, and inspector recorded

dashboard Easy Steps to follow!

Complete automated inspections with ease

Inspections come with a comment section and follow-up indication field. After completion, inspections are logged for later retrival with print friendly views.

dashboard Automated Inspections!
"Our platform boasts a customer retention rate of 99.7%. Our three hundred plus customers have completed more than a million audits and inspections on our software and trained three thousand plus employees on more than twenty thousand recorded occasions. Our customers speak for themselves!"
“Proven to be the most cost-efficient and best return-on-investment tool that can be implemented for process safety management.”

Active Users

Over 4,100 ePSM Users

Generated Inspections

Over 3,400,000 Inspections have been generated

User Training

39,000 training sessions have been recorded

Ammonia Management

Over 5,170,000 pounds of Ammonia have been managed and recorded

Equipment Management

Over 32,000 pieces of equipment are managed

Line Breaks

Over 16,900 Linebreaks have been requested and completed

Management of Change

5,300 MOCs have been administered and efficiently documented

Corrective Actions

Over 56,700 corrective actions identified throughout inspections

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Lyndhurst, VA 22952

ePSM takes the guess work out of OSHA's - Process Safety Management and EPA's - Risk Management, with its powerful alarming features, by default the ePSM will alarm for every element required by OSHA's - Process Safety Management and EPA's - Risk Management and even your state's Tier II reporting requirement.

As federal OSHA and EPA regulations change, so will the ePSM, making it effortless to comply with regulation changes.

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